Kristine Jørgensen - September 5

Kristine Jørgensen is professor of media studies at University of Bergen, Norway. She has researched video games, players, and the relationship between the two for two decades. She is the co-editor for Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture and leads the University of Bergen Research Network for Games Research. Jørgensen is the author of Gameworld Interfaces, A Comprehensive Study of Audio in Games, co-author of The Paradox of Transgression in Games and co-editor of Transgression in Games and Play.

Keynote: Debugging “Transgression” in Games and Play

During the last five years, transgression has become a buzzword in game studies. The concept has been used to describe phenomena as diverse as controversial game content, gameplay that goes against design, and toxic player behavior; all phenomena that are research areas in their own rights and that cannot be discussed meaningfully under the same conceptual umbrella.

In this talk I will bring order to the terminological heterogeneity by systematizing the use of the term according to its use and appliance. I will also discuss the term’s relevance in game studies, and argue that its integration will offer a new lens through which to explain games and game culture in a broader context.