General Chairs

Organizing Committee

Workshop Chairs

  • Christoph Salge

    University of Hertfordshire

  • Amy Hoover

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

Proceedings Chair

  • Allan Fowler

    University of Auckland

Diversity & Accessibility Chair

  • Velvet Spors

    University of Nottingham

Panel Chairs

  • Fares Kayali

    University of Vienna

Games and Demos Chair

  • Elina Roinioti

    Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

  • Laura Levy

    Georgia Tech

  • Henrik Warpefelt

    Kennesaw State University, USA


  • David Melhart

    University of Malta

Track Chairs

  • Martin Pichlmair - Game Development Methods and Technologes

    ITU Copenhagen

  • Licia Calvi - Computer-Human Interaction and Player Experience

    BUAS Breda

  • Johnathan Harrington - Games Beyond Entertainment and Game Education

    University of Malta

  • Iro Voulgari - Games Beyond Entertainment and Game Education

    National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • Enrica Loria - Game Analytics and Visualization

    TU Graz

  • Marco Scirea - Game Analytics and Visualization

    University of Southern Denmark

  • Ahmed Khalifa - Game AI

    University of Malta

  • Victor Navarro-Remesal - Game Criticism and Analysis

    Technocampus Matar├│

  • Poonam Chowdhury - Game Criticism and Analysis

    FELU Hyderabad

  • Riccardo Fassone - Design

    University of Turin

  • Renata Ntelia - Games and the Humanities

    University of Lincoln

  • Zahra Rizvi - Games and the Humanities

    JMI University

Local Team

  • Katerina Mela

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