Who is the accessibility chair for FDG2022?

Velvet Spors is FDG2022’s accessibility chair.

You reach them via the FDG Discord, by posting into the #accessibility-support channel or via email at velvet.spors@tuni.fi.

How do I communicate accessibility needs to the FDG2022 organizers?

Our collective goal is to ensure the conference is accessible to everyone. Please let us know anything that will help us make the conference accessible to you.

Before the conference: Upon registering for this conference, there is going to be an option to let us know if and how we can be of further assistance.

During the conference: You can reach support during the conference in the #accessibility-support channel (on the FDG Discord), or by emailing Velvet (accessibility chair) at velvet.spors@tuni.fi.

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know in advance, so we can ensure we are able to meet your needs in a timely and effective manner. Requests at a short notice might be tricky to accommodate.

How do I contact accessibility support during the conference?

The best place to get support is to post your inquiry in the #accessibility-support channel (on the FDG Discord). The channel will be carefully monitored by the accessibility chair and conference volunteers throughout the whole conference.

You can also directly reach the accessibility chair (Velvet Spors) via email at velvet.spors@tuni.fi.

You can also reach the conference organizers at fdg2022@easychair.org, or by sending a direct message to any of the people with the “Conference Team” role in Discord.

Will captioning be available?

All the paper presentations and keynotes will be automatically live-captioned, both online and in person.

What is the conference space like?

The conference takes place in the New Building, Panteion University, in Athens, Greece. Paper presentations will happen in the Sakis Karagiorgas (SK) 2 amphitheater (first floor), while workshops will take place in SK 1 (ground floor).

Information about the venue can already be found on the website, but a more detailed map with accessibility options, entrances, exits, and gender-neutral toilets will be provided in print form upon registration at the venue on the first day of the conference. We will soon post a PDF version of that map here, too.

Will the conference be accessible by wheelchair or power scooter?

The New Building at Panteion University (where the conference will be held) is accessible to wheelchair users. There are ramps leading into the building and there is an elevator servicing the second floor where one of the main conference halls.

What are the restroom facilities like?

FDG2022 attendees will have access to all of the bathrooms in our area of the convention space. All restrooms will be accessible and properly signposted..

Accessible restrooms are located on every floor of the New Building. Gender-neutral restrooms can be found on the same floor.

CONTACT US - fdg2022@easychair.org